About PartyZette

marife lindsayHello, and welcome to PartyZette! My name is Marife (pronounced Mary-Fay) Lindsay. I am the founder of PartyZette.

This is me in the photo at my ultimate party, MY WEDDING!


I have always loved parties. From my earliest memories I can remember our lives were filled with celebration. This is because I’m originally from the Philippines, and if you don’t know, Filipinos love parties. We love to celebrate everything in life with lavish parties and festivals.

As a Filipino we celebrate:

-1st birthdays
-7th birthdays
-16th birthdays
-18th birthdays (this is called a Debut and is an incredibly lavish birthday party)
-70th birthdays
-Holy Week
-Pasayaw Festival
-Boling-boling Festival
-Sinulog Festival
-and many more!

birthday partyHere is a photo of my sisters, nieces, nephews, and I at my mother’s 70th birthday. As you can see we love to where brightly colored gowns and to make the party really an occasion to celebrate! We also eat traditional party foods such as Lechon, Pancit, Pork Adobo, and others.

At our festivals we dress in beautiful costumes and eat incredible food.

videoke machineWe also love to do “Videoke”, the Filipino version of Karaoke. In fact, many parties in the Philippines will have a Videoke machine and everyone sings including kids! It is so much fun. This is a photo of one of the Videoke machines we might use in the Philippines.

Of course, after living in the United States now for many years, my parties tend to take on more US traditions but still, the parties are just as fun!


I share this with you to let you know that I am someone who not only loves to party, but I also love to plan for parties and to cook for parties. I love decorating the house, cooking fun food, and then having everyone come over for a party. My husband also loves parties as well so I guess we are a family of parties!

So it’s easy to see why I started PartyZette. I wanted to have a site where the only purpose is to help others come up with great party ideas and then teach others how to take those ideas and put them into practice. Basically, PartyZette is PARTY TALK!

So, as you browse the PartyZette site you will find hundreds of birthday party ideas, engagement party ideas, retirement party ideas, and ideas for just about any type of party you can imagine. We also have ideas for party games, party venues, and the best foods to serve at your party.

As you read the many posts on PartyZette, I do hope you will find the information we provide useful and fun!

If you have any questions or would just like to send me a note and say hi, please contact us here. I would love to hear from each of you!

Party On!



Jenny SchweyerHello, my name is Jenny Schweyer and I was born and raised in Elkhart, Indiana, and I currently reside in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I’m a freelance writer and besides writing for PartyZette, I am a regular contributor to The Light Magazine, a monthly publication based in Vancouver. Being a Mom of three teenagers keeps me so busy at home, but when I do manage to find some free time, I enjoy reading, going for walks, hanging out at the beach and hiking the beautiful mountains of coastal British Columbia.